Our annual, week-long, global team convention at VALD headquarters in Brisbane, Australia

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Get together with your peers to learn, share ideas and celebrate.

VALDCON is your chance to meet your VALD team mates from around the world, learn from leaders and industry experts, share ideas and celebrate our successes as a team.

Hosted in sunny Brisbane, Australia, at VALD's global headquarters, VALDCON is a week of hard work, learning and fun that brings us together as a team and crystallizes our vision and goals for the future.

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Rob Pacey

Founder, SportSmith



Hear from leaders and experts about industry trends and best practices.

At VALDCON we bring together internal and external experts to present on topics ranging from product strategy to engineering, clinical practice to healthcare systems, strength and conditioning to high performance, sales and marketing, and more.

Previous guest speakers include:

  • Rob Pacey - Founder, SportSmith
  • Peter Brem - Senior Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy, Kantonsspital Winterthur
  • Paul Read - General Manager, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH)
  • Nicol Van Dyk - Medical Research Lead, Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU)
  • Karl Goodman - Founder, Athletes Authority
  • Taylor Evernden & Travis Gaudet - Co-Founders, ORKA Performance
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Celebrate our wins.

We take the opportunity to reflect and acknowledge our best and brightest, with awards for a range of achievements, teams and individuals who have excelled. Some awards from VALDCON 2023 include:

  • Viking of the Year Award:
    Matt Roodveldt (Chief Product Officer)
  • Wombat Award* :
    Cheri-Ann Brackenridge (Accounts Receivable Manager)
  • BDM of the Year Award:
    Anthony Sinacore (West Coast Manager, USA)
  • Feature of the Year Award:
    SmartSpeed iOS app
  • Always On Award:
    Paul Cross (Client Onboarding Coordinator)

* Awarded to the team member who best embodies VALD’s team spirit and culture.

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Paper, Scissors, Rock Competition



Let your hair down.

Enjoy a range of social activities with your team mates, get to know each other better and celebrate together.

Some events have included themed dress-up events, paper, scissors, rock competitions, team dinners and the famous ‘VALD Olympics’ which pits teams against each other in competitions of general knowledge, physical prowess, engineering skill and even eating ability.

Speak to our team.

Interested in being a part of VALDCON 2024? Get in touch to learn more about our open roles and client events.